Global Precision Parts








Equipment List

Our three facilities operate more than 200 production machines including Davenports, Acme Gridley’s, CNC lathes, machining centers, New Britain and Hydromat equipment.


Machine Name



Machine Name


Acme Gridley 1 1/4″ RA-6 15       Eurotech Elite B446-LY2 1
Acme Gridley 1 1/4″RA-6 S.S. 1       Eurotech Elite B446-SY2 1
Acme Gridley 1 1/4″ RB-8 2       Eurotech 835SL-Y 1
Acme Gridley 1 5/8″ RA-8 1       Eurotech Poly Gim 20MM 1
Acme Gridley 1 5/8″ RB-6 4       Eurotech Poly Gim 25MM 1
Acme Gridley 1 5/8″ RB-8 3       Eurotech Trofeo B465SY2 2
Acme Gridley 1″ RA-6 1       Hyd-Meck Production Saw 1
Acme Gridley 1-5/8 RBN-8 3       Lico LNT36 3
Acme Gridley 1″ RAN-6 3       Lico LNT42 3
Acme Gridley 2 5/8″ RB-6 5       Lico LNT51S 1
Acme Gridley 2 5/8″ RB-8 6       New Britain Model 51’s 1” 1
Acme Gridley 2″ RB-6 7       New Britain Model 52’s 1 1/4” 11
Acme Gridley 3 1/2″ RB-6 5       New Britain Model 60’s 1” 4
Acme Gridley 9/16″ RA-6 1       New Britain Model 61’s 1-5/8” 1
Acme Gridley 2-8 1       New Britain Model 62’s 1-5/8″ 1
Davenport 3/4″ O/S 30       New Britain Model 62’s 2-1/4” 8
Davenport Model B  ¾” 9       New Britain Model 81’s 1” 3
Ameri Sekei CNC 1-5/8” 1       New Britain Model 812 1-1/4” 1
25-12 Hydromat 3       OKUMA CAPTAIN-L370 CNC 1
45-12 Hydromat 2       OmniTurn GT-75 2
Captian L370MW 1       ROTO F-10 Spline Roller 1
Clausing Startrite Little Saw 1       Staking Machine 1
Crimping Machine 1       Takisawa EX-106 CNC Lathe 2
Drill Press 6       Takisawa EX-110 CNC Lathe 5
          UR5 Robot 1
           ZPS 620 CAM

Second Op Machines

Aqua Master CB1800 E Washer 1       Ken Owens Mill 1
Arbor Press 1       Kitamura Mycenter Virticle Milling CNC 1
Bowen Washer 1       May Fram Chip Spinner 1
Broach Machine 1       Mectron Sorter 1
Brown & Sharpe ¾” chucker 1       Oliver Drill Grinder 1
Brown & Sharpe Ultramatic CNC Lathes 2       Power Drill Press 1
Denison Multipress 1       Quincy QSI-500 Air Compressor 1
Dial-X Rotary Table 1       Solbergoa Model SE2030 Drill Press 3
Drill Press 2        Stamp 1
Fine Sodick EDM Mark-21 A320D 1       Tape Machine 2
Fourway Barrel Washer 1       Topwell CNC Milling Center 1
Hankook Protec 7NB 1       Tumbler 1
Hardinge Machine 1       5 ¼” RAC-6 1
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