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Aluminum • Brass • Stainless Steel • Leaded and Non-Leaded Bar Stock



For high volume components, Global Precision Parts, Inc. offers multi-spindle screw machining. Our state of the art multi-spindle machines provide the highest quality and precision in the industry.
Global Precision Parts has Acme Gridley multi-spindle screw machines that are equipped with the necessary tools to perform a variety of cutting operations based on specifications. Contact us to see how we can utilize our equipment to meet you multi-spindle needs, or request a quote.



CNC Machining

Our CNC machines allow us to produce standard and customized precision parts. We can machine even the most complex parts with our CNC turning and vertical centers.


We also have to ability to perform “lights out operations,” meaning the we can continue machining long after business hours. This capability provides significant cost-savings all around, and allows us to continue offering competitively priced precision parts that are delivered on time, every time.


In addition to our traditional CNC equipment, we also have a EUROtech Elite Multi-tasking Turning Center. The EUROtech utilizes world-class technology without compromising craftsmanship. and can easily operate unattended.


Provide the specifications, and leave the rest to us. Contact us to find out how we can produce your precision parts with the latest CNC technology and equipment, or click here to request a quote.




Our hydromat machines allow us to manufacture large quantities of complex parts in a variety of metals such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Hydromat machines can sequentially perform multiple operations including cut-off, burnishing, tapping, drilling, milling, and turning. Hydromat machining streamlines the entire production process. Contact us to see how we can use your design specifications to create a quality precision part.



Prototype & Low Volume Capabilities

In addition to large quantity orders, we can also accommodate low volume needs, and prototypes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Prototypes are often produced as a means to validate fit and function, or as a way to evaluate alternative designs. We offer a quick and cost-effective solution to meeting low volume and prototype needs.




If you have design specifications, you can rest assured that we’ll machine the parts you need
with unmatched precision and quality. Contact us for more information or to request a quote. You can also browse our Global Precision Parts Inc Digital Brochure